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Security Engineering

Advanced Research Corporation ® has nearly 15 years in INFOSEC experience. Nearly half that experience is based on Internet/Intranet protection. Advanced Research provides the following services:

Integrated Incident Management Advanced Research's Integrated Incident Management (I2M) model is supporting client's needs for incident characterization, response, protection, and training. A Sample I2M description summarizes our approach.

Security Auditing
Through our software re-use initiative and client sponsorship, Advanced Research is developing a suite of tools that are our centerpieces for security auditing. They include:

  • Security Checklist
  • NT Security Checklist
  • SARA Network Scanner
  • TARA System Scanner
  • Intrusion Protection and Firewalls
  • INFOSEC Training
  • Risk Assessment/Planning
    Advanced Research has experienced contractors that develop U.S. Government and industry standardized security risk assessments and security plans in accordance with accepted standards. The assessments/plans involve all of the "players" of the organization's IT infrastructure.

    Security Alerts
    As members of the I2M client team, you will receive real time advisories of the latest observed exploits at our security Bulletin Board.

    Security Links Check out some of the more interesting security links we have found.

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