Windows "Backdoor" Vulnerability


Several "trojan horses" have been introduced to the Microsoft Windows environment including Back Oriffice, Netbus, and Netbus II.


These "Trojans" allow a malicious user to manipulate a Microsoft Windows system without the knowledge of the legitimate user.


Back Oriffice, Netbus, and Netbus II are "Trojan Horse" programs that resemble computer viruses in that they are inadevertantly installed by the user. Once installed, their presence is difficult to detect. These "backdoors" allow the hacker to manipulate the compromised host at will. Data can be compromised or modified.


SARA detects possible signtures of "backdoor" pressence. It is up to you, the user to confirm that the "backdoors" are really present. Refer to the Microsoft Site fro details in confirming the presence of the "backdoors.